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Interim Assistance

Do you need a payroll employee to handle your payroll?

We offer solutions for both short- and long-term needs.


We offer to enter directly into your company and handle tasks such as payroll administration, holiday and sickness absence management, reports, voting and much more on behalf of your company.


Why choose us?

Our Payroll Department consists of experienced professionals with many years of in-depth knowledge of all aspects of payroll administration. We have a keen understanding of the rules, agreements and legislative requirements that apply in the area, which ensures correct and efficient handling of your employees' wages.

We deliver service of the highest quality and meet agreed deadlines.

Our collaboration is based on trust, and regardless of whether we enter into a short or long-term agreement, our commitment and quality are the same.

Among other things, we offer assistance in these payroll systems:
- KMD Payroll Cloud (KPC)
​- KMD Nettoløn
- KMD Opus
- Visma Løn
- Perspektiv
- LessorLøn
- Lessor PM5
- Lessor Nav



Lessor is our cooperating partner, and we apply Lessor's systems for the day-to-day payroll processing. Lessor's payroll systems have been developed with a focus on flexibility, security and user-friendliness to ease the administrative routines in connection with payroll administration.


We cooperate with KMD A/S and apply their payroll systems for day-to-day payroll services for our clients. KMD A/S is among the largest IT and software businesses in Denmark, and with their payroll systems, we can gather all payroll and human resource assignments in one place with effective digital routines.

Our clients

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Payroll administration from 2008


Payroll administration from 2011


Payroll administration from 2014

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Payroll administration from 2018


Payroll administration from 2014

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Payroll administration from 2020

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