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Process optimization

Streamline your business through process optimization and automation.

We offer analysis and advice aimed at improving and streamlining your company's payroll processes. Our goal is to identify areas with opportunities for improvement, risk of errors and propose solutions that can optimize your payroll process, as well as ensure high quality and correct pay.


Streamlining your business

Our process optimization starts with a thorough analysis of your current workflows. We dive into each part of the process to understand how it works in practice - both the intended results and the unforeseen challenges.

 We work closely with you throughout the process to ensure that our solutions are not only effective, but also relevant to your company's current challenges and future goals.

Once the analysis has been completed, we present you with the final result.

You will receive a conclusion report with the overall overview in relation to efficiency opportunities, bottlenecks in the processes, technologies or methods that could be implemented to optimize your payroll administration (RPA), etc.

We also offer to be your sparring partner in connection with the setup/implementation of RPA robots as part of your optimization plan.

Feel free to book us for a non-binding start-up meeting to hear more.



Lessor is our cooperating partner, and we apply Lessor's systems for the day-to-day payroll processing. Lessor's payroll systems have been developed with a focus on flexibility, security and user-friendliness to ease the administrative routines in connection with payroll administration.


We cooperate with KMD A/S and apply their payroll systems for day-to-day payroll services for our clients. KMD A/S is among the largest IT and software businesses in Denmark, and with their payroll systems, we can gather all payroll and human resource assignments in one place with effective digital routines.

Our clients

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Payroll administration from 2008


Payroll administration from 2011


Payroll administration from 2014

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Payroll administration from 2018


Payroll administration from 2014

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Payroll administration from 2020

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