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Payroll Services

Whether you are a small craftsman business or a large business with an international horizon, we tailor payroll solutions to fit your exact needs. 

We take the time to listen, and we also insist on challenging you. We have no long call queue, but only qualified and skilled people - we obtain thorough knowledge of what your business needs, whether you need an entirely new payroll system or classic payroll advisory because our ability to understand businesses and their needs is a core value of our business.

In cooperation with our good partners, we also handle Danish, Nordic and global clients. 


Outsourcing of payroll services and human resources assignments

We handle the following assignments:

  • Payroll Services

  • Reconciliation of payroll between payroll system, e-income and finance systems

  • Advisory services about payroll-specific matters

  • Making payroll processes more efficient

  • Ensuring compliance of law

  • Training of payroll bookkeepers

  • Advice in connection with implementation of new payroll systems

  • Administration of public reimbursement

”Our goal is that our clients do not consider our day-to-day payroll services to be an outsourced solution, but rather that Sønderup is a department at another location. Signing with us will give you an active and attentive sparring partner that will add value to your business and to your employees.”

Mette Floe Frederiksen

Payroll Manager, Sønderup Auditors I/S

  • A flexible solution for your business

  • Always people ready to run your payroll at the agreed dates and times

  • Advanced professional level with focus on quality and certainty of delivery 

  • Updated knowledge, updated payroll system and up-to-date on changes in Danish law

  • We adapt our contract to number of payslips and any other specialist services you may need

Benefits from outsourcing your
payroll administration



Lessor is our cooperating partner, and we apply Lessor's systems for the day-to-day payroll processing. Lessor's payroll systems have been developed with a focus on flexibility, security and user-friendliness to ease the administrative routines in connection with payroll administration.


We cooperate with KMD A/S and apply their payroll systems for day-to-day payroll services for our clients. KMD A/S is among the largest IT and software businesses in Denmark, and with their payroll systems, we can gather all payroll and human resource assignments in one place with effective digital routines.

Our clients

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Payroll administration from 2008


Payroll administration from 2011


Payroll administration from 2014

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Payroll administration from 2018


Payroll administration from 2014

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Payroll administration from 2020

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