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Advisory Services 

Empathy is one of our most significant qualities at Sønderup. When we provide advisory services, we do anything we can to put ourselves in your position as our client. We listen and we ask questions so that we can provide advice optimised to your current state and position as well as your desired state and position.


Whether you are facing a succession process or you have difficulties preparing your tax reporting, we make sure you get more than just the figures, so that you fully understand your challenges and opportunities. We talk things through with you thoroughly and dive into complex legal stuff or digital complications for you, if necessary. 


We provide advisory services within these areas: 

Company audit 

Company review 

Review of financial statements 

Statements of income and wealth 


K/S accounts and income tax tax returns 

Danish Business Tax Scheme 

Administration of estate

Payroll Services 

IT application and advice 

Reimbursement of benefits 


Property administration 

Outsourcing of payroll and bookkeeping

General tax advice 

HR assignments 


Business valuation 

M&A advisory 

Company transitions

Property gains 

Share gains

Tax planning

VAT and tax advice 

”Dialogue and mutual understanding are preconditions for a positive and constructive advisory process.”

Tom Sønderup

Owner, Sønderup Revisorer I/S

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