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Reevaluation of company car

Did you receive a new company car in 2023 or are you tasked to find a replacement, then remember to do a reevaluation of the car.

If you replaced your company car or is about to replace your old company car, then be aware of, the basis of taxation, that you’ve received from the leasing company, can be changed, when the registration fee is reevaluated.

The system to reevaluate, was introduced, back in 2017. The reevaluations need to happen 4 months after the first registration, although for cars registered after January 1st, 2022, a reevaluation needs to happen no later than 3 months after the first registration.

The reasoning behind this system, is to prevent an artificial low tax basis from buying in bulk, or other methods; including the so called “Carwash method”. These rules are put in place to counter an artificial low tax basis value which would result in unusual low or even no register fee.

Furthermore, shifting delivery times contribute to make the calculations even harder, as it’s complicated to make a prediction. E.g. If a car is ordered in June 2022, registered in January 2023 and reevaluated in April 2023, it corresponds to having to predict a market price, almost one year into the future, and its unfortunately impossible to know the market or its prices, that far into the future.

This means, multiple factors contribute to the value. E.g. Supply and demand influence the prices of used cars. This affects the reevaluation values, that’s used to calculate the current price at the reevaluation time.

Due to this, there may be cases of two identical cars being evaluated to different values, even if the time between the evaluations is short.

Most leasing companies are aware of these reevaluations and send information to the firms accordingly.


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